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Links to Bedrock Amp reviews

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Links to Bedrock amp reviews

Online comments about Bedrock amps:
I'm no expert, but I flat love Bedrocks.

I own several--all the early 1200-series master volume amps. (The 4X10 version is my current fav, but I love the 2X12 and heads, too.) They have a truly wonderfull pre-amp circuit that delivers a warm, fat tone that you can make break up at any volumn level. Even better, these amps can throw that sound to just about any point in a room almost irrespective of size and acoustic conditions. I can't tell you how many times I've had sound guys running the PA tell me my Bedrock was the best-sounding amp they have ever heard...By the way, the guy that started that company was Jay Abend, and he is a nice guy (though he has a reputation for being excitable). I called the company one time looking for the rare 4X12 cabs that they made (they featured Fanes)and wound up on the phone with him. He didn't have any cabinets but he talked with me for a while about the 1200s and the fat blues tone sounds he was trying to acheive with that circuit. Don't know where he is now, though.

I have a LEAD 50 head (3 12AX7s, 2 EL34s) and matching 4x12 cab: BRUTALLY LOUD.

I've never met another soul who has a Bedrock, but mine's been reliable as hell. I've had it almost 10 years, and the rear panel's been off it only once, and that was when I swapped out the original tubes back in 1993. Since then I've dragged it all up and down the road, from gig to gig, forcing countless indignities upon her... and never so much as a single PEEP! How's THAT for reliability?!

Once, I talked to somebody at Bedrock on the phone, and he was really cool. I could tell that he took a lot of pride in these amps, and I was touched by that. He even told me about some mods to try. I just wish I had asked him for a SCHEMATIC while I had the chance! Does anybody know where I might be able to find one?

Thinking back to that phone conversation, it makes me feel sad about what happened to Bedrock. I mean, what happened to the designers and builders who made these amps?
God, I sure hope they're all not working at CRATE or something!



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