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Before emailing me, please note that I do not have any schematics other than what is shown on the site. I also am not an amp tech, so I cannot answer your amp questions. I do not know where any Bedrock employees are located nowdays, sorry. Due to the costs, I will not mail any schematics. Most of them are very poor in quality anyways. Desperately seeking info, pix, and schematics for these amps, if you can help me out I would appreciate it! If you send me pictures or scans, please send as a JPEG or GIF file, as those are the only two files I can use on a Tripod site.

Just click this address to send me e-mail:

Any pictures, schematics, literature, or information that we can use on this site is greatly appreciated!
Please remember, send pix only as JPEG or GIF!  Thanks.

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