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The Bedrock Amplifier Tribute Page

Fred Amps

Info about the pre-Bedrock Fred amps

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Update 11/16/05
The owner of Fred amp #4 (Thanks Mark!) sent me an email with some information about the rare Fred amps:
Made in Nashua, NH.
Aproximately 50 built.
Fred #4 is a cloth tweed covered amp. The cabinet was also tweed, but in plastic. It has 100w Celestions.
50 watts, hand wired PTP, Sprague and Mallory capacitors, circuit similar to a JTM45 but with more gain, with high and low inputs, and master volume. (sounds like the same amp as the later handwired 1200's).
Power section had high plate voltages, and was designed around the Philips/Sylvania 6CA7.
Some new info from someone on the 'inside' at Bedrock that would like to remain anonymous: The name change from Fred was not because of DiMarzio, it was actually a music store in Delaware that had a copyright in the same category. There never were plans for a Barney amp as cute as the idea sounds! There was an agreement with Hanna-Barbera stating that we would not ever produce cartoons (and they wouldn't build amps...seriously!) The covering on those amps that was available at the time was a Peavey tolex.

The super rare "Fred' amp
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