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The Bedrock Amplifier Tribute Page

BC-75 Series

Info about the Bedrock BC-75 Series amps

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The Bedrock BC-75 certainly was a really cool looking amp! The cabinet was identical to a Vox AC30, right down to the grill cloth! But that is where the similarity ended. The guts were pure Bedrock. A 2xEL34 power section that put out a claimed 75 watts, coupled to a flexible preamp section with tube tremelo and reverb.
It was available as a 2x12" combo, or a head version that had a unique angled shape. A 2x12" extension cabinet was available that looked like an old Vox extension cab.
BC-75 Combo - MSRP $1095 (1992)
BC-75TH Head - MSRP $995 (1992)
BC75212 Cabinet - 2x12" cab 200w - MSRP $495 (1992)
FS-1 Footswitch - Lead/Rhythm FS - MSRP $39.95 (1992)
FS-2 Footswitch - Reverb/Tremelo FS - MSRP $39.95 (1992)


Bedrock BC-75